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Are you giving your plants STDS? Doc Rob Streisfeld, NMD, investigates the purest organic agriculture components for urban, indoor and field agriculture with The Happy Plant Guy from Happy Plant Company. Also explored in the interview is new agriculture industry research laboratory analysis that shines a light on why all coconut substrates must have a COA to ensure purity. Listen on-demand at Cannabis Radio. Access the full report and laboratory analysis at PlantSTDs.com 

Pathogenic mold in marijuana? Fungicide in vape oil? 

MJ Bulls Media Host, Dan Humiston, addresses these questions with guest Dino “The Happy Plant Guy” Changanaqui from Happy Plant Company.

Click here to listen to Vape Crisis Prevention. Investors, Growers and Consumers Demand a COA

Natural News Radio
and the Robert Scott Bell Show discuss plant contamination in agriculture and cannabis (marijuana, hemp). Laboratory analysis proves 40% of all tested coconut substrate samples contain pathogenic mold. Click here to learn the dirty secrets of how contamination makes its way into our daily lives. 

The co-Founder of Happy Plant Company, Dino Changanaqui a.k.a. The Happy Plant Guy, was featured on KTNV news about The Dangers of Buying Marijuana on the Black Market.

The co-Founder of Happy Plant Company was featured on the U-T Radio show. He cautions consumers on plant contamination in cannabis. Click here to listen to Mold, Metals & Marijuana: The Emerging Health Crisis. 

Happy Plant Company is featured in a Public Service Announcement explaining how to grow contaminant-free plants. Click here to read the article.

The co-Founder of Happy Plant Company was interviewed by Emmy Award-Winning TV Host, Russ T Nailz. Click here to watch and laugh. 

Contaminants and Mold Got You Down? Don’t Worry… Get Happy!

To be a truly organic food product, one must consider all aspects of plant growth starting with amendments. Happy Plant Company™ suggests, “If any plant grower experiences contaminants in their crop, one should look at the inputs.”


  • Up to 20% More Yield

  • With Contaminant-Free Organic, Non-Chemical Amendments

Happy Plant Company conducted decades of hands-on research at plant agriculture facilities to establish the highest quality organic growing materials on the market. This industry expert knowledge evolved into an integrated system to eliminate the possibility of heavy metal and mold contamination with organic growing. From backyard gardens to commercial agriculture grows, Happy Plant Company’s solution speaks for itself.
Happy Plant Company™ provides a unique organic coco coir growing media that is buffered, full of beneficial nutrients, and is pre-washed six times for a time-saving benefit to growers. With this ready-to-use certified organic substrate, there is no need to spend hours flushing coco coir prior to use. 
Happy Plant Company™ did all the research for you, so you have more time and peace of mind. You can trust Happy Plant Company’s™ organic integrated systems that include contaminant-free, organic certified and laboratory tested coco coir and coco peat substrates, worm castings, nutrients, herbicide, pesticide and clean, structured water.

Get Happy Today!   Start Growing The Happy Plant Guy™ Way!